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And in Chaldean numerology the name which is used to determine numerology name numbers such as destiny number, soul urge number, and dream number. In Chaldean, we take three name numbers in the account to check compatibility with life path number.

And, the final thing, In Cheiro numerology, the second main number is name number which is known as destiny number or Namank. This is important to know whether both numbers birthday number and destiny number are compatible or not.

Chaldean Numerology Compatibility between name and birth date - Our lucky name numerology calculator checks compatibility between birth date and name and draws percentage compatibility score.

Lucky Name by Numerology - Lucky Name by Date of Birth - Is my Name Lucky According to Numerology

If name numbers are not compatible with life path number or birthday number, it leads problems in life such as sorrows and unluck in various aspect of life. Each numerology number has certain vibration and energy which is influenced by the specific planet.

Numbers have own compatibility with each other, if they compatible, this is good signal otherwise not.

So, everyone is impacted by life path number which is the prime number According to Chaldean Numerology and birthday number Prime number according to Cheiro Numerology and another 3 name numbers.

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Each number can be same or different, thus life can be influenced by many numbers. Which method is most reliable Cheiro or Chaldean Both methods are extremely right, so we take both methods for compatibility. Although, it is better to take the final result to determine compatibility score which is an average of both methods.

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When should I change my name Changing of birth date is impossible, but a name can be changed if the name is not enough compatible with birth date.

Master numbers have extra energy and resources, so it should be checked with this, although, 11 is 2, 22 is 4 and 33 is 6 with extra energy of these master merit.

Understanding Personal Numerology : How to Calculate Your Birth Number

If you get personal year master number in the calculation, still you need to check whether it remains as the master number or should be reduced further until single digit.

WHY Because if any of them, the life path number or name numbers Destiny, Soul Urge, Personality numbers is the master number, then personal year master number remain as master number otherwise should be reduced to a single digit. Therefore, the personal year calculator asks you for birth date and prevalent name.

Do it yourself or check the calculator.

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Now check out other numerology calculators to know, is your name lucky for you according to numerology and what is the meaning of your name in numerology. Complete numerology reading PDF report.

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